• We appreciate our clients, and strive to be your first choice when seeking to improve revenue cycle management in your practice or organization. ...

  • In the area of revenue management, we know we are measured by the results we provide, and that with each transaction, our reputation is at stake. ...

  • We pride ourselves on keeping patient complaints to a minimum – a practice we believe is directly linked to achieving success for our clients. ...

Our values

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Industry Innovation

We embrace technological change and continually pursue ways to improve our performance through new ideas fostered by our employees, clients and leadership.

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Unmatched Integrity

Honesty is the foundation of the company. We maintain and promote the highest degree of professionalism and ethical standards in serving our clients, their patients and debtors.

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A Track Record of Success

Delivering outstanding results for clients since 1984, Century has emerged as a leader in healthcare-specific debt recovery and outsourced receivables support services.


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