Since Century was founded in 1984, our mission has been to provide debt recovery and accounts receivable management services to specialized medical practices and other healthcare providers, with a dental practices a specialty. As a localized (local) partner, we exercise a positive approach within your practice community as we deliver quick, effective solutions to delinquent accounts.

We speak the language.

Century provides boutique-style services to dental practices, combining knowledge of specific treatment terminology and a familiarity with revenue collection issues that are most common among practitioners within the field.

Our staff is trained to understand dental services and billing details, so that they can effectively:

  • explain procedures that were provided and billed for by the dentist.
  • interpret what the balance represents in dental terminology.
  • identify to the patient his or her insurance as it was represented at time of treatment.
  • review all charges for all family members to the responsible party.
  • offer bilingual telephone and mailing communication as needed.
  • set up reasonable payment plans.

Our sensitivity to the needs of dental practices allows us to provide personalized assistance as an extension of your own billing function.

Revenue loss prevention makes us most effective.

One unique advantage of working with Century is that, in addition to receiving unmatched debt recovery service, your interests also are protected by our extensive data resources.

Our experts recognize that people who are seen by a dentist and choose not to pay their obligations sometimes continue that pattern with other dentists. Century is able to draw on information technology to discern these patterns and help our clients to weed out the non-payers that make up 6%-8% of the patient demographic mix.

We provide high performance, low exposure.

Century’s dedicated dental division typically provides results within 60 days of accounts being placed. Using advanced techniques, tools and expertise, we are 100% committed to servicing your placements successfully and furthering your aim of generating revenue.

Our motto is “No collection, no charge!” Unlike other agencies, there are no setup fees, placement costs or binding contracts. Further lightening the burden, we offer assistance with financial agreements to impede interest where applicable to offset collection fees.

As a Connecticut-based corporation, we know the unique collection laws and receivables practices that are required for compliance within the state.