At Century, all of our HIPAA-certified financial healthcare counselors work as an extension of your billing organization and utilize technological advances to ensure maximum results. Their main objective is to develop consistent revenue to improve your bottom line. With organization-tailored solutions, Century recovers thousands of dollars for our clients every day. We believe in what we do, respect and appreciate our clients, and want to be the company you call when needed.

Debt Recovery services we provide to our clients include:

  • Internal legal follow-up
  • No cost asset searches
  • Multi skip-tracing software and resources for locating delinquent accounts accurately
  • No cost pre-bankruptcy scrubber verification
  • Medicaid eligibility pre-collection insurance scrubber
  • On-line payment credit card and check options
  • Over-the-phone Interpreter
  • Services for the hearing impaired
  • Evening coverage to 9:00 pm  and weekend Saturday shift
  • No hidden fees or “per account” fees
  • No minimum; all claims are accepted
  • No start-up costs (non-binding Letter of Understanding)
  • Pre-collection services
  • Regular and special inventory reporting
  • Backup and disaster recovery solutions that continually and securely backup all account information
  • Dialer technology for best overall contact and penetration rates
  • Web accessibility