Every account that is turned over to Century is referred and reviewed prior to data entry. Referred collection accounts are downloaded into the Century computer system and acknowledgement reports are generated. Our software system automatically assigns accounts to collectors once downloaded. Within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt, the first letter is mailed to the debtor. Once placed, the accounts are assigned a collection strategy that will automatically generate subsequent debtor communications and/or refer the account to a manager/supervisor if certain criteria have not been met along with interfacing with our automated LIVE contact dialer.

Incoming telephone calls generated as a result of the letters and dialer are routed to the collection floor. Upon receiving a call, a collector updates the account to indicate his/her collector number to insure the same staff member services all future inquiries. In addition, our financial counselors work with the debtor to resolve the account balance as quickly as possible, researching any issues that may arise. During the course of working with the debtor, there are a number of programmed letters available to the financial counselor.

We attempt to reach the debtor both at home and/or work. In the event other payor information arises, our financial counselors will work with the debtor to settle the debt through third parties, insurance, attorneys and state agencies. Any third-party coverage information obtained through our efforts is passed onto the client for future billing. Century also has a third-party payor coordinator, in addition to the financial counselor, whose sole responsibility is follow up with the potential payor, including securing additional requested information under strict confidentiality guidelines. During this time, Century will also contact the appropriate agencies to secure information on assets and verification of employment.