Century Receivables Support operations began in 1990 and are dedicated to assisting healthcare organizations by assuming partial or total responsibility for revenue cycle management functions. Century’s thoroughly trained staff has decades of experience in revenue cycle management with major hospitals, physician groups and healthcare systems. Century Receivables Support solutions are adaptable and can be managed from our own headquarters or at any of our clients’ locations. With their deep experience and a broad knowledge base of many billing systems, our specialists deliver efficient, accurate and timely results. Century’s success is built upon the experience and reputation of its management staff, and its performance is recognized throughout the industry as a benchmark of integrity and commitment to excellence.


[not sure where this should go; its kind of weak or maybe just incomplete: “CMS assists our clients as a main focus to reduce account receivable days, by expediting cash recovery, while improving patient relations and reducing bad debt.”]

[Related to the above, I think a clearer description of the services entailed in this area vs debt recovery would be helpful.]