Since 1990, Century Receivables Support teams have been set up to partner, fully or in part, with large and small medical organizations – hospitals, physician groups and healthcare systems – offering revenue cycle services and staffing solutions that are adaptable and can be managed from either our own headquarters in North Haven, CT, or from within client locations and/or networks. We are ideally suited to take on special projects resolving Medicare and workers’ compensation claims, self-pay follow-up, insurance denials, credit balances, contested charges, analysis of receivables and more.

With their deep experience and broad knowledge base of many billing systems, our specialists work seamlessly with your organization to deliver efficient, accurate and timely results. Our main focus is to reduce account receivable days by expediting cash recovery, while improving patient relations and reducing bad debt. Century’s success is built on our experience and the reputation of its management staff, and its performance is recognized throughout the industry as a benchmark of integrity and commitment to excellence.

Services include:

SELF PAY – Since 1987, our firm has successfully directed Self-Pay projects for small- and medium-sized hospitals as well as large system providers.

THIRD-PARTY BILLING and FOLLOW-UP – Century Receivables Support employs a team of specialists whose sole charge is to liquidate third-party receivables into cash.

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION CLAIM RESOLUTION – We can effectively handle workers’ compensation for medical providers and will represent our clients in all phases of collection of such accounts.

MEDICARE BILLING – Century Receivables Support can provide experienced Medicare billing personnel on a temporary basis to mitigate any staffing shortages providers may experience.

INTERIM MANAGEMENT – Our experienced team can provide management or supervisory personnel on a temporary basis to ensure continuity of leadership when vacancies in these key areas occur.

SPECIAL PROJECTS – When needed, Century Receivables Support can provide Receivables Management Consulting, Onsite Insurance Resolution, Insurance Denials, Credit Balances, Contested Charges, and Analysis of Work Queues.

STAFFING – We offer temporary on-site staffing options for Self-pay and/or Insurance Follow-up as well as Payment Contract Management.

CUSTOMIZED REPORTING – Reports are scheduled and generated to meet our client’s needs. Each client can customize their reports with information specific to their unique business.